Adult Maslow Needs Assessment

Place a +, ✔, –  next to each question according to how successful you are in that area.  Which area/s do you feel strong in and which would you like to improve?




1. Are you in healthy mental and physical condition?

2. Can you (physically) do everything you want to do?

3. Have you made choices that promote a long and healthy life (exercise regularly, eat healthy, manage stress, limit screen time, sleep, etc.)?



4. Are you financially secure (could you live off your savings for at least 6 months)?

5. Do you feel financially prepared for retirement or a health emergency?

6. Do you feel emotionally/physically safe at home, work, and in your community?


Love and Belonging

7. Do you have a mentor, an equal, and a mentee?

8. Do you have a positive and healthy relationship with at least one family member?

9. Do you have a positive and healthy relationship with at least one friend?



10. Do you respect yourself and feel respected by others?

11. Do you find intrinsic value in doing things for others that do not result in prestige or financial gain?

12. Do you feel you add value personally and professionally to those around you?



13. Do you feel you are a creative, critical thinker who helps to solve problems?

14. Do you feel you are fulfilling your calling?

15. Do you feel you help to charge up other people’s batteries?


Score It!

Every question answered with a

+ = 3 points

✔= 1 point

- = 0 points


To wake up feeling #FULLYCHARGED, you probably scored above 40.

To wake up feeling partially charged, you probably scored 25-39.

To wake up feeling drained, you probably scored below 25.

Which of the 5 categories did you score highest in and why?

Which area/s do you want to improve in and why?