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neuroscience • Critical thinking • culture

Success is Not by chance, but by design.

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Julie Adams

Julie combines science and strategies to skyrocket success!

She has trained hundreds of thousands around the world in how to develop the competence, confidence, compassion, and creative, critical thinking leaders of all ages need to succeed.



Julie’s Keynotes and Coaching have catapulted my leadership capacity and insight into what it means to be a leader who creates culture others run to get into, instead of run to get out of. Her neuroscience and strategies completely changed the way I think about leadership. If you want to understand the science behind success and help others fulfill their potential—learn as much from her as possible!
— Frances Montoya | Executive
My teaching world has drastically changed since attending Julie Adams’ Content Literacy Boot Camp! The methods have been easy to implement and manage within my mixed-ability classroom and the dramatic increase in the quality of student work has been the true gauge of effectiveness for me. As a result of her neuroscience and strategies, my students are more engaged, higher-skilled, and better critical thinkers.
— Colleen Poynter | Middle School Teacher
Julie Adams skillfully weaves stories, research, and tools to make the audience laugh and learn in a way that makes content stick. She always brings her A game, is a master at her craft, and my audiences ALWAYS want more!
— Peter Murphy| Director & Event Planner



Keynote Addresses

Julie’s expertise and humor make her a much sought after Keynote Speaker at conferences across the country and around the world. Organizations seek her insight and coaching to maximize productivity, critical thinking, efficiency, health and wellness, and positivity. Her #FULLYCHARGED Keynote is the HOT TOPIC on the speaking circuit and it is customizable to your audience’s needs.


Books & Resources

Check out Julie's resources that provide insight and strategies to strengthen critical thinking, literacy, engagement, and productivity.

Mastermind Courses

The most common question Julie gets asked is, “How can I get MORE training and support from you?” As a result, Julie has created three online Mastermind Courses with each containing the science and strategies to increase your success as an educator, parent, and/or a professional. If you are serious about your success, enroll in at least one of her Mastermind courses!