What Others Are Saying

Julie’s trainings are not a “one and done” workshop. Mrs. Adams teaches the research and evidence-based strategies that work across all content areas and with all ability levels. She then provides the much needed, but often neglected, on-going teacher support and instructional coaching for teacher collaboration and successful implementation of the strategies. Her expertise and guidance have made a colossal difference in the instructional culture of our school and in our test scores. We couldn’t have done it without her!
— Kevin Campbell, HS Principal
Julie Adams has shaped my teaching like no one else. What I learned during her trainings is evident in my classes every day...even years later. Her PDP Cornell Notes strategy organizes students’ thoughts and engages them in the pre-during-post reading processes. Her Teaching Academic Vocabulary Effectively workbooks ensure students know the academic vocabulary they need to be successful in all classes, not just my English class. Implementing her engaging strategies has been particularly helpful with the 90+% ELL populations I’ve taught in international school classrooms.
— Shannon Hugo, International HS English & ELL Teacher
For the last two years, I had the opportunity to take several literacy workshops from Julie Adams. I can honestly say that as a result of her trainings and coaching, I underwent a major transformation as a teacher; there was a Misla before Julie, and a newly empowered, rejuvenated, and creative Misla after working with Julie Adams! I learned amazing and applicable tools that enhanced my pedagogy immediately. My students’ reading comprehension increased two grade levels and for the first time, we actually were able to successfully read three high-level books in my Spanish classes because my students’ skills and motivation increased so dramatically! All of Julie’s strategies are engaging, interesting and student friendly. I wish all teachers could take her workshops!
— Misla Barco, HS Spanish Teacher
What I learned from Julie’s outstanding trainings has greatly impacted my teaching as I am now fully prepared to teach 21st Century critical thinking and content area comprehension. I most appreciated that Julie modeled the content literacy strategies for struggling students, ELLs and the Gifted. She also demonstrated how to use the same strategies across the content areas, extremely helpful for those of us who teach multiple content areas. Her humor and expertise are refreshing and her strategies are easy to implement; the result is increased student engagement, learning and retention. What teacher doesn’t want those?
— Alfonso Sanchez, 5th Grade Teacher
Julie’s trainings did more than just help me understand the importance of literacy instruction in my content area classes; they gave me practical tools for implementing new critical thinking and comprehension strategies that directly led to higher student achievement.
— Bill Webb, HS Science Teacher
Julie Adams is fantastic! Her strategies and instructional coaching simply work. The content area strategies are easily managed and engage all students whether they need remediation or acceleration. She provides the hows and whys of effective instruction while providing the support needed for collaboration and implementation. Excellent!
— F.M. Brinkley, HS Principal
Before working with Julie, I had zero tools for helping students navigate and comprehend science texts and often shied away from using them in the classroom. Through her trainings and coaching, I now understand the importance of teaching science ‘literacy’ and I have a deep toolbox of critical thinking strategies that engage and help ALL of my students. I now feel confident in combining science content with literacy to increase student comprehension. Julie’s guidance and coaching have been the single most powerful professional development I have experienced and I am thankful for it.
— Meredith Stevens, HS Science Teacher
After attending Julie Adams’ Literacy Boot Camp and implementing the tools learned, my students’ test scores increased 25% within 1 year! I have become a far more effective teacher as I now can continually meet the academic needs of all my students, including my ELLs, using a variety of Julie’s 21st century teaching methodologies.
— Tim May, HS English Teacher
Julie Adams and her content comprehension trainings are analogous to my favorite book. I was able to understand every single “page” of her trainings because she speaks my language, a language of passion and love for teaching and learning. Her trainings are top-notch as she motivates educators to teach with integrity and purpose. Many people say that sharing is caring, thank you Julie for caring.
— Ventura Garcia Ortiz, HS Spanish Teacher
What I value most about Julie’s coaching and strategies is how easily transferable they were to my classroom practice and they provided students with immediate opportunities to improve their skills and academic confidence. Before working with Julie, I felt frustrated and helpless as I was not able to improve the literacy of my under-served and challenged group of students, but her professional development sessions always provided resources that were accessible, effective and easily implemented. Additionally, her instructional coaching allowed me to share my ideas and truly collaborate with an expert in literacy development and both my students and I benefited tremendously.
— Shannon Sieckert, AP Government Teacher
Julie’s training came at the perfect time...the critical thinking and literacy strategies are exactly as advertised...ready-to-go with total class involvement. As a classroom teacher for more than 20 years, I’ve often looked for just the right strategy that will engage and challenge all of my students. Voile, along comes Julie Adams and her “you just gotta try ‘em” strategies. Easy for me; engaging for my students...her trainings provide a variety of methods for every step of the learning process. Every strategy is “painless” and student-focused with the outcome being that each student feels successful and has a sense of ownership in his/her learning.
— Cheryl Guess, MS ELA & History Teacher
Our entire staff received literacy training from Julie Adams and immediately put into practice what we learned. After only one year of committing ourselves to the research-based strategies, we moved our school out of Program Improvement and met our AYP goals two years in a row; we made the greatest gains in our API of all the middle schools in our county.
With such great success our first time out, we had Julie Adams return to work with us on improving our writing across the curriculum. The teachers noticed a marked improvement in student writing almost immediately, and we are teaching the writing process in a systematic and consistent way that benefits our students.
Mrs. Adams’ methods and philosophies improve student performance and, more importantly, student learning, and better prepare youth for the 21st century.
— John Calandro, MS Principal
Mrs. Adams’ Teaching Academic Vocabulary Effectively workbook series is full of useful, effective lessons and highly adaptable techniques for tailoring academic vocabulary instruction in the classroom. My students’ expository comprehension and critical thinking have improved as a result of utilizing these books in class.
— Michelle Harrington, MS History & English Teacher
I have worked with Julie Adams for over four years in two different high schools. She brings amazing talent, skills, and resources and provides the repertoire of strategies that increase achievement. Her methods are applicable to all subject areas and I particularly appreciate that teachers can begin using them the next day. Her workshops are engaging, productive and teachers are exposed to the research behind the literacy and best practices so they know the ‘why,’ not just the ‘how.’ My teachers rave about her coaching and improvements in my instructional programs are directly linked to Julie’s work with my staff. I highly recommend Julie Adams.
— Dr. Yetunde Reeves, HS Principal
Julie’s presentations were packed with literacy and comprehension strategies that I could easily implement into my high school math classes. I greatly appreciated her enthusiasm and realistic understanding regarding teaching today’s students. I also appreciate how she always allowed for collaboration/question time so the teachers could develop lesson plans implementing the strategies and take them right back into the classroom. I am no longer concerned about the Common Core Content Literacy emphasis as I know exactly how to teach it in my mixed-ability classes and have already seen the difference they make. Thank you Julie, you have truly impacted my instruction and classroom climate for the better!
— Julie Tsutsui, HS Math Teacher
My teaching world has drastically changed since attending Julie Adams’ Content Literacy Boot Camp! The methods have been easy to implement and manage within my mixed-ability classroom and the dramatic increase in the quality of student work has been the true gauge of effectiveness for me. As a result of her strategies, my students are more engaged, higher-skilled, and better critical thinkers. I have been fortunate enough to work one on one with Julie many times and am truly grateful for her expertise, humor and willingness to help me improve as a teacher. My students and I thank her!
— Colleen Poynter, MS ELA & History Teacher