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#FULLYCHARGED~140 Battery Charging Maslow & Bloom Strategies for Students, Parents, & Staff Resources

Authors: Julie Adams~PJ Caposey~Rosa Isiah

To supplement your reading, check out the following author chat videos about each chapter and discuss the study questions with a colleague. Post your thoughts on Twitter using the #FULLYCHARGED hashtag and tag @adamsteaching, @MCUSDSupe, & @RosaIsiah, as we'd love to know your thoughts!


Author Chat Videos


#FULLYCHARGED 21-Day Challenge

Mental and physical health and wellness are the foundation of #FULLYCHARGED.  Cultivate health by planting the S.E.E.D.S. for Success included in our 21-Day Challenge. To charge up your battery, read our blog and complete the challenge by yourself or with a group!




Be in bed relaxing, reading from a positive hardcopy book or sleeping for at least 8 hours each night if you're over 25 and 9 hours each night if you're under 25.  No tech allowed.

11 Health Benefits of Sleep

Why Do We Sleep? TED Talk

Why School Should Start Later for Teens, TED Talk


Engage in moderate physical activity for 20 minutes (at least) each day. A brisk walk works wonders!

The Benefits of Physical Activity

The Brain Changing Benefits of Exercise, TED Talk


Ensure half of your food intake (at least) is unprocessed, organic fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.

5 Reasons to Eat Healthier that Have Nothing to Do With Your Weight

Power Foods for the Brain, TED Talk


Many experts now recommend we drink half our body weight in oz in water each day; though it varies according to our activity, drink enough to have pale yellow output.

How Much Water Should You Drink? 

What Would Happen if We Didn't Drink Water?, TED ED Lesson

S=Social Connectedness

Foster positive interactions with those in both your personal/professional circles and also acquaintances you encounter in various places.  

Social Connections and Their Positive Impact

The Secret to Living a Longer, Healthier Life, TED Talk

21 Day Challenge Video Series

If you woke up this morning, you are here for a reason and that reason is to make a positive impact! Every morning, we wake up with a rechargeable battery…our brain. Our recent choices regarding sleep, exercise, reflection, stress management, and social connections, strongly influence how charged up we are. Some of us wake up drained! UGH! When we’re drained, it’s difficult to make a positive impact. This challenge is designed to strengthen, encourage, and charge up your own battery, so you have the cognitive capacity that fuels success. Only then can you increase capacity in others.

Performance success is largely determined by our positive mental health, which triggers a powerful chemical reaction in our brain. When we have proper levels of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, gaba, and endorphins, we greatly increase the likelihood that our brain and body will have the capacity to fire on all cylinders. This capacity increases our ability to demonstrate the 5 Cs of Leadership: competence, confidence, creativity, critical thinking, and compassion. We need these 5 Cs to reach our full potential and positively impact others. This 21-Day Challenge is designed to positively strengthen and stimulate your mind to create the chemical reaction in your brain that catapults you to success.